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Shenzhen Lideng Environmental Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd always strives to help people improve indoor air quality. Now we have launched tens of popular products, and our plasma air purifiers can be divided into 5 series, and we also provide plasma air purifier accessories and water treatment.

  • In-duct Series

    In-duct series are designed for installation in air conditioning system or in custom-designed air distribution system in commercial and industrial facilities. Great effective in reducing odors and harmful pollutant through the plasma ions into the air stream to be treated.

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    In-duct Series
  • Wall Mounted Series

    Wall mounted series is equipped with a fan, just install the equipment on the wall, can plug and play. It can be used in the environment without ventilation system.

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    Wall Mounted Series
  • Ceiling Mounted Series

    Ceiling mounted series is equipped with a fan, and the equipment can be hidden in the ceiling and does not take up extra space, so that the overall layout can be perfectly coordinated.

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    Ceiling Mounted Series
  • Movable Series

    The mobile series is equipped with a fan, and the bottom of the product is equipped with casters, which can be moved to the space requiring air treatment anytime and anywhere.

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    Movable Series
  • Portable Series

    Portable series is designed to be relatively small, easy to carry. They made of the smallest plasma generator of Eddaair. Have a good protection for personal breathing safety.

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    Portable Series
  • Water Treatment

    Our equipment is injected by air, so there is no danger of electric leakage. When ionized air generates plasma, it is transported by air pump and dissolved directly into water for disinfection.

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    Water Treatment
  • Accessories

    These accessories can be used together with our equipment according to customers' needs, and they need to be purchased separately.

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Solutions VS Application Areas

  • Transportation

    When large numbers of people take transportation, they can spread the virus. Eddaair Bipolar Ionization technology air purifier can be continuously sterilized in occupied spaces, reducing the spread of viruses.

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  • Commercial Building

    Commercial buildings rely on ventilation systems, so the offices, elevators and other crowded places be more need to improve air quality and reduce the spread of viruse.

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  • Elevator Air Purifier

    In large supermarkets, entertainment venues, restaurants, gymnasiums, casinos and other places, are the most likely to produce the virus cross infection. Eddaair Bipolar Ionization can provide fresh and clean air for your customers.

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  • Agricultura

    Our equipment is also suitable for growing agriculture. Plasma ions can deal with bacteria and viruses floating in the growing room, and it can also sterilize irrigation water. Adding economic benefits to your plants.

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  • Water Treatment

    The biggest concern for the farmed animal industry is airborne viruses, such as swine flu and bird flu. Our equipment, the authority of the certification can be a variety of epidemic viruses to kill. Keep your animals safe and eliminate odors at the same time.

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Company Profile

Founded in 2013, Eddaair has been focusing on the research & development and sales of bipolar ionization air purifiers. In the past ten years, our customers all over the world, and the products have also obtained a lot of domestic and foreign authoritative certification. We will always adhere to the concept of “Breath The Nature Air Indoor”

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Cost advantage

Relying on a strong supply chain, we have a strong advantage in cost.

Product advantages

In addition to In-Duct/HVAC series products, we also have other commercial series and household series products for customers to choose.

Technical advantages

Our research on plasma air purification technology has been settled for a long time, using the latest technology from Germany and the United States.

Project service advantages

Our company has more than ten years of experience in air treatment engineering, and can provide solutions for every application.

OEM/ODM capability

We can also provide OEM/ODM manufacturing service for customers all over the world.


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