How Bipolar Ionization work

How Does Bipolar Ionization Work?

Bipolar ionization is an air purification technology that works by generating positively and negatively charged ions and releasing them into the air. These ions attach themselves to particles, pathogens, and other airborne contaminants, causing them to become ionized. Once ionized, these particles are attracted to each other, creating larger clusters that are more easily captured by air filtration systems or fall out of the air due to increased weight. In the context of air purification systems, bipolar ionization is employed to enhance indoor air quality by reducing airborne particles and contaminants.

Using bipolar ionization technology, Plasma Air systems eliminate bacteria, viruses, and all types of pathogens from your property. You and your family can breathe easy knowing that harmful mold spores, formaldehyde or VOC’s aren’t present in the air.

History Of Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar ionization has long been prevalent in much of Europe. According to Business Insider, "Bipolar ionization first came to the United States in the 1970s as a tool to control pathogens in food production. It was effective during the SARS outbreak in 2004 and more recently during outbreaks of MERS, norovirus and various strains of influenza."

Recent advances have made the device significantly cheaper and easier to install, so many companies are now testing the technology against the novel coronavirus in their own facilities.

How Does Eddaair Bipolar Ionization Work Within an Air Purifier?

Eddaair uses DBD (dielectric barrier discharge) technology to ionize air in the environment of external high voltage electric field, so that the air produces high-energy positive and negative electrons. Negative ions contain an extra electron, while positive ions lack one, leading to an unstable situation. To return to stability, these bipolar ions seek out atoms and molecules in the air with which to exchange electrons, effectively neutralizing particulate matter, bacterial and viral cells, odor gases and aerosols, and volatile organic compounds.

The ion tube produces alarge amount of positive and negative ions.

Charged ion cluster active attack viruses and bacteria.

Destroy cell membranes, viruses DNA and protein.

Make it lose activity quickly and be killed.


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Advantages of Eddaair Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar ionization is a technology used in air purification systems, and it offers several advantages in improving indoor air quality. Bipolar ionization offers many benefits such as:


Reduction of dust and mold particles. Plasma that binds with contaminants, grows in size and mass and falls to the floor, or returns to the filter, making them easy to clean from the air we breathe.


Neutralize odors. Plasma breaks down odors at the source and removes them.


Control chemical and VOC gases. Plasma breaks down toxic gases and compounds from hazardous chemicals such as cleaning products, pesticides, paint, solvents, mold and more.


Kill bacteria and viruses. Because bipolar ions negatively affect the DNA of bacteria and viruses, you will protect the people against disease and epidemics.


Low cost maintenance. There are no filters to change or collectors to clean. Just replace the Plasma tubes every 2 year.

Compared With The Reactive Air Purification Methods

In laboratory testing, bi-polar ion systems have shown significant ability to reduce pollutants. The active process of the ions saturating the room to get to the source of pollution shows high efficiency compared to passive technologies that have to carry the pollution to the device to be affected.

See chart below for Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) comparison testing:

Technology CADR Rate
Bipolar Ionization 125
Lennox Photo Catalytic Oxidation 47.4
Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner 35.8
Emerson Polarized Media Filter 27.2
Sharper Image Ionic Breeze 4.8
GPS Needlepoint Ionizer 1.3
Activetek PCO -3.9

Source: Intertek ETL

Testing was performed to standard ASNI/AHAM AC-1-2002. Testing rated relative performance on .3 micron particles in a standard 10”x10'x10' chamber

EddaAir Solutions DBD BPI vs. Needlepoint Ionization (NBPI)

  EddaAir DBD BPI NeedlePoint Ionization
Reduces Contaminants in the Space Yes No
Reduces Odors Yes No
Reduces VOCS Yes Yes
Reduces Particles Yes Yes
Effective on Bacteria and Virus Yes Yes
Doesn't Produce Ozone Yes Yes
Smart IoT Capable System Yes No
Low Static Pressure Drop Yes Yes
Maintenance Every 2 Years Every 5 Days
No Re-Engineering of HVAC System Required Yes Yes
New Design and Retrofit Yes Yes
Reduces Energy Costs Yes Yes
No Chemicals or Byproducts Yes Yes
Tested Contaminant Reductions in Occupied Space Yes No

Needlepoint Issues:

  • Coil cleaning bars or devices, due to placement, will not sanitize or clean occupied space. Ions cannot get to space due to placement.
  • "Self Cleaning" apparatus that cleans brushes/NP every 1-5 days is suspect. Coil cleaning products do not have self cleaning functionality.
  • Needlepoint or brushes "arc" when they become dirty with dust or corrosion from airstream. Once brushes arc, they are not effective.
  • Air ions generated by a needlepoint ion generator have an extremely short half life and don't make it to the space served.
  • Independent 3rd party testing show very little needlepoint ions measuring 48" from the needlepoint generator as well as poor CADR.
  • Largest commercial system has capacity of 4,800 CFM. This unit physically looks identical to the unit that has a capacity of 2,400 CFM.

Helping You Find The Best Indoor Air Quality Solution

EddaAir offers a comprehensive range of air quality solutions for different applications such as Transportation, Planting and Breeding Industry etc. We provide various types of air purification products available, including In-Duct Air Purifier, Portable Air Purifier, and wall mounted options. Discover the ideal air quality solution for your specific needs. Explore our innovative products designed to provide effective air purification. Visit EddaAir today for more information.

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