Cost Advantage

Eddaair is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, with a complete industrial chain, a high degree of industrial intensification, low labor cost and convenient transportation. The cost of production parts and hardware processing that need to be purchased is relatively low, resulting in a highly competitive cost of finished products.

Product Advantages

Eddaair has a total of 5 series, in addition to the In duct series, Eddaair in order to meet customer needs, to meet the different installation needs of customers, we also developed ceiling mounted, wall mounted, movable series and portable series of products.

Technical Advantages

Benefits of Bipolar Ionisation Technology

  • Eliminates odours, smoke and chemicals
  • Reduces bacteria, viruses and mould
  • Suitable for industrial and commercial applications
  • Completely automated and chemical free
  • Easy to install
  • Can operate as a standalone or integrated solution

OEM\ODM Advantage

If you want to sell your own brand of air purifier, without using Eddaair brand, we can provide brand labeling service, all the brand LOGO, instructions, specifications and other materials will be customized according to the information provided by your company.

If you want to design an air purifier with our technology, but it is very expensive in your local area, you can send the design drawing to our engineer, and we will arrange the factory to provide you with product samples and improvements.

Project Service Advantages

Over the past decade, Eddaair has mastered a large number of air treatment solutions, and has become more comfortable in dealing with various application. Installation solutions have also become more scientific.

All you have to do is tell us the following questions, and we can quickly estimate your project, and get back to you with advice and suggestions.

  • ● Room size and volume
  • ● Emission source
  • ● Application
  • ● Air volume (if ducts are available)
  • ● lnstallation Location

Partner Call

Our life is changing due to the pandemic, and it is time for us to get ready for the changes while thinking about how to keep people safer. Are you willing to catch the craze of the following anti-pandemic action? Or thinking about adding an anti-virus product line to complete your solution? You are the one we are seeking! We want new distributors and resellers worldwide for our products. We offer full product line support; our distributor discounts and representative commissions are generous.

If you have any interest in our products

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