Eddaair is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, with a complete industrial chain, a high degree of industrial intensification, low labor cost and convenient transportation. The cost of production parts and hardware processing that need to be purchased is relatively low, resulting in a highly competitive cost of finished products.

Product Test Report
Product Certificate
Company Qualification

CB Test Report

EMC Test Report

Killing Rate Of ASFV

Killing Rate Of Escherichia Coli-Water Disinfection-TUV

Killing Rate Of GX_P2V

Killing Rate Of H1N1 & EV71-PS-501T

Killing Rate Of HCoV

Killing Rate Of HCoV-PS-500T2 

Killing Rate Of Staphylococcus albus-Escherichia coli-Aspergillus niger-PS-501T

Killing Rate Of Staphylococcus aureus-Escherichia coli-TUV-PS-501T

Killing Rate Of Staphylococcus aureus-Natural bacteria in the air-PS-500T2

Negative Ion Density-PS-501T

Odor Removal Of Formaldehyde-Benzene-TVOC-Hydrogen sulfide-Ammonia-PS-501T

Ozone Density Test -PS-501T

PM2.5 Test Report -PS-501T1

PM2.5 Test Report-PS-501T2 

PM2.5 Test Report-PS-501T3

RoHS Test Report

SGS Test Report- ion tube

CB Test Certificate

CE -ISETC Certificate

FCC Certificate

RoHS Certificate




ISO9001 Quality management system certification

ISO13485 Medical Quality management system certification

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