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Company Profile

Eddaair Air bipolar ionization technology is installed in thousands of commercial, institutional, residential and industrial buildings around the world. For over a decade, we've been providing safe, effective air purification solutions for schools, commercial buildings, and single- and multi-family homes.


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Company History

  • IN2013

    Shenzhen Lideng Environmental Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd was established, and open the cause of bipolar ionization air purification.

  • IN2015

    Respond to domestic market demand, increase the supply of other series (Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted, Movable, Portable) of products.

  • IN2017

    Set up e-commerce foreign trade sales team, began to enter the foreign air purification market.

  • IN2019

    We have obtained the domestic production and sales license of medical equipment registered with the FDA. And passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification.

  • IN2022

    Obtained UL and CB product certification, the safety and stability of the product has been recognized internationally.

Founder's Quotations

Our founder is Law. In his early years, he was engaged in selling air purifiers in Hong Kong. The year 2003 coincided with the spread of SARS virus, and Hong Kong was also plagued by the virus, which seriously threatened people's lives and safety. Law realized that the safety of air determines the health of human life, and the air purifier he acted for could only purify the air simply, rather than disinfect the air all the time. Therefore, Law searched for various air disinfection products in the market, but he found that many of them could only be used in an empty space, where man and machine could not coexist. So Law continued to search on the Internet and finally realized the bipolar Ionization technology.

This is a kind of nature's self-purification technology, whenever after the lightning storm, the air is always so fresh and clean and pleasant, the secret is the high-pressure lightning, breakdown the vapour、oxygen in the air, so that it is decomposed into positive and negative ions floating in the air, so as to purify and disintegrate. Bipolar ionization air purification technology is a perfect replica of this "gift" of nature. Therefore, Law returned to the mainland from Hong Kong, strengthened his confidence in the air purification and disinfection industry, committed to reducing the spread of viruses and making modest contributions to the human society, and started his own entrepreneurial journey.

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