Application of ionized water system in agricultural irrigation

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EddaAir plasma technology for future agriculture

Air and water: two elements of the origin of life. This ensures continuity. Protecting and purifying air and water means protecting every living organism, contributing to health, life, and the future.

That's why we developed the Edda Activated Water Equipment, which is an irrigation water treatment system based on EddaAir plasma technology. It is an advanced patented ionization form with efficient disinfection performance and extremely low energy consumption.

Our technology can become an important factor in focusing on new planting methods, which can maximize agricultural yield while reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, reducing soil consumption, and optimizing water and energy consumption.

Air, water, and land, combined, do not require anything else: this is Edda's activated water equipment, which is our path to quality, productivity, and more sustainable agriculture for humanity.

Edda Activated Water Equipment: Innovative Application in Agriculture

Edda activated water equipment uses EddaAir plasma technology to treat irrigation water in greenhouses. The system includes a water treatment module for generating plasma activated water (PAW) and treating irrigation  water.

The main innovation of Edda's activated water equipment is the electronic control of the plasma generator, which makes it particularly versatile and scalable, and optimizes agricultural applications. The system improves water    efficiency (-13%) as it includes a treatment unit that not only enhances the potential of water as fertilizer, but also eliminates all pollutants dissolved in it, allowing for continuous reuse of water even in closed circuits.

Edda activated water equipment can also reduce infections (-80%) and increase production; Eliminated the demand for insecticides and reduced the use of fertilizers. Therefore, the income and quality of growing food have greatly improved.

The role of Edda's activated water equipment

Using Edda activated water equipment for irrigation in water allows you to:

Disinfect water from a microbial perspective to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms.

Activate water with persistent chemicals that are useful for plants, such as nitrates, and form active substances (H2O2, OH -) that have a stimulating effect on plants.

Therefore, RS water can:

The formation of oxidative substances with biological effects on pathogenic microorganisms, RS is an oxidant that acts on the lipids, phospholipids, nucleic acids, and proteins of microorganisms. Experimental results have shown that water treated with Edda activated water equipment as irrigation water has a disinfection effect on the root area.

Forming stable chemical nitrogen substances (nitrates) in water can contribute to the nutritional contribution of crops.

The advantages of Edda's activated water equipment water treatment system

• This is a system that can be implemented in any air or hydroponic company;

• It does not require changing the structure of the greenhouse;

• Can improve water efficiency;

• Can significantly reduce the use of insecticides;

• It ensures the quantity and quality of production;

• Can reduce energy consumption.


The benefits of Edda activating water equipment

Edda's ion tube device for activating water generates an ionized airflow, which is rich in reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species (ROS and RNS)

Once absorbed into water, it will have a series of important effects:

Microbial action: Disinfect water to prevent contamination by microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) that may harm health;

Chemical action: Purification of water from dissolved organic pollutants (COD, dissolved organic substances such as insecticides and toxins)

Fertilizer function: fix nitrogen in the air (in the form of nitrate) in water and use it as fertilizer for plant crops; Biological stimulation: Dissolve low concentrations of oxidative active ingredients (O3, H2O2) in water as a  biological stimulus for plants and animals

Agents generate controllable oxidative stress and stimulate the natural "immune" defense of the organism.


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