In-Duct vs. Portable Air Purifiers

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As consumers become more conscious of the value of clean air, air purifiers have grown in popularity in the past couple of decades.

Although there are many different kinds of air purifiers on the market nowadays, in-duct and portable air purifiers are considered two of the most popular.

We'll go through the advantages of an in-duct air purifier over a portable purifier in this article.

Let's explain what it is that we mean by portable and in-duct air purifiers first.

While portable air purifiers may be carried across rooms and do not require any installation process, whereas, in-duct air purifiers are fitted immediately into your residence's air conditioning, ventilation, and heating (HVAC) unit.

Let's look at some of the factors that could influence your decision to use an in-duct air purifier over a portable air purifier.

1.  Purification of the entire house:

An in-duct air purifier's ability to filter the air in every room of your house constitutes one of its key advantages.

On the contrary hand, portable devices are only able to cleanse the air in the space they are mounted in.

This implies that numerous portable air purifiers would need to be purchased if you wanted to cleanse the air in several different rooms.

Since you simply require a single unit to purify the air in your entire house, in-duct air purifiers can end up saving you money over time.

2.  Easy to use: 

Given that in-duct air purifiers are built right into the HVAC unit, they are hidden from view.

As opposed to a portable unit, you don't need to bother about transporting them around from room to room or maintaining them frequently.

Once it is installed, an in-duct air purifier will automatically continue to clean the air in your house without any further work on your side.

3.  Enhanced effectiveness 

Given that they can clean the air as it passes through the HVAC unit, in-duct air purifiers are typically more effective than portable purifiers.

As a result, they can clean the air faster and more efficiently than portable air purifiers.

Furthermore, by having your air filters clean and minimizing the buildup of material in your ductwork, in-duct air purifiers can make your HVAC system perform more effectively.

4.  Improved air quality 

Considering in-duct air purifiers can clean the air in every room of your house, they can help raise the standard of air in the main living space.

However, portable air purifiers are only effective in the area where they have been placed, the air quality in other areas of your house might not be as good.

This is crucial for those with allergic reactions or respiratory problems because poor air quality can make these conditions worse.

5.  Reduced level of noise 

Although they are situated in a central position far away from interior spaces, in-duct air purifiers are typically less noisy than portable purifiers.

On the reverse side, portable units can be uncomfortable and noisy, especially if they are mounted up in a room or lounge area.

Air purifiers installed in ductwork run silently in the background, allowing you to breathe clean air without any extra noise.

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