Plasma Air Purifier Vs. HEPA Filter

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Using an air purifier becomes essential when the air quality index at your location is not good. You may come across Plasma Air Purifier and HEPA filters as the best options when looking for purifier options. So, this comparison will help you select the best fit for your needs.

What is a plasma air purifier?

A plasma air purifier is a highly effective air-cleaning technology that is not very common currently. These provide air cleaning results that are significantly higher than any other options currently available.

Even if you use some add-ons on purification systems, the plasma cleaner will give better results. On top of that, this technology is cost-efficient and energy efficient, making it a perfect choice for every place.

PS-504TO Automatic Plasma Air Disinfection Robot

Working principle

Usually, air purification systems miss a percentage of small particles, including allergens and particles. Plasma cleaners' specialty is that this captures that small percentage left by the other purification systems.

These cleaners use a negative and positive electrical charge in combination, and this flow of charge helps them attract smaller particles after charging them. When the particles are charged and they pass through the cleaner, it results in capturing them.


The effectiveness of plasma purifiers as stand-alone cleaners is not as good as HEPA filters. It is because these mainly focus on the smaller particles left, and these are budget friendly and not top-rated to capture dust or other bigger particles. However, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of the air purification system at your home by using these as an add-on with another air purification system.

HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are the mostly known filters today as these are known for their amazing filtering results. HEPA filters have unreliable power to remove particles and harmful pollutants in the air. The HEPA filter technology is so widely applicable that it is used in most available air purifiers, brands, and multiple models currently available.

However, unlike the Plasma purifiers, these focus more on the airborne particles, which makes these two slightly different.

Working Principle

HEPA filters differ from traditional filters as they make airborne particles pass through thick pleats. This step seems the same as traditional filters, but the difference here is that it removes as many harmful airborne particles as possible.

As HEPA filters can capture micro particles like allergens, they easily capture larger particles, including dust and pet dander, to maintain good air quality in your home. That's why these make a crucial component in many air purifiers.


HEPA filters are very effective. These are one of the most effective filters against airborne particles. The filter kills any unwanted organic compounds, tremendously improving the air quality in your home. Additionally, using these filters regularly brings many health benefits, further vouching for their effectiveness.

Need an air purifier? Find out the best one for yourself.

Plasma Air Purifier and HEPA filter purifiers are the latest technology that ensures the cleanest air filtering. So, comparing both before you get one is essential. Otherwise, you may not get the healthiest breathing air at your place.


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