PS-300 Small Bipolar Ionization Gereator Module PS-300 Small Bipolar Ionization Gereator Module

Eddaair PS-300 is designed as a small module with a plastic casing made of flame-retardant material, increasing its suitability. Can be directly installed in the air conditioning outlet, such as hotel rooms and so on.

  • 1.DC12V
  • 2.AC110/220V
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Product Description

Eddaair PS-300 bipolar ionization module is a small unit that designed to be mounted in the supply air duct or air handling system of a heating, cooling or ventilation system. In addition, the module can also be mounted in some air purification equipment.

  • Shell is ABS flame retardant materiall.
  • Plasma ions generator play a long-lasting and active positive and negative ion purification effect.
  • This product can be used for a long-term.(Suggest clean the ion tube about 12 months later, clean or change the filter)
  • It is suitable for the ventilation system of various air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and other products. It can also be used in places prone to bacteria, viruses and peculiar smells.

PS-300 bipolar ionization size


Model PS-300
Air Volume 300CFM/510m³/h
Net Weight 100g
Shell Material Metal
Voltage DC 12V
Power Supply 4W
Coverage Area 20㎡
Dimension 128*57*34mm
Ion Tube Size 30mm (1 inch)
Ion Tube Quantity 1
Estimated Tube Life 17000 hours


PS-300 Plasma Air Purification System is suitable for installed in small air treatment systems, such as: wall hanging air conditioners, bladeless fans, desktop fans, etc. Also It can be used in places where viruses, bacteria and odors are easily generated.



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