PS-505T Bipolar Ionization Air Purification Equipment PS-505T Bipolar Ionization Air Purification Equipment

Eddaair PS-505T Ionization system is designed to be mounted in the supply air duct or air handling system of a heating, cooling or ventilation system.

  • 1/Air Pressure Switch
  • 2/Remote Monitoring Panel
  • 3/Ion Intensity Control
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Product Description

The Eddaair PS-505T Ionization system, suitable for heating, cooling, or ventilation ducts, features adjustable power control, a three-step ionization intensity knob, and a durable metal shell. It provides long-lasting positive and negative ion purification, ideal for central air systems, food processing, offices, malls, hotels, hospitals, and places lacking fresh air, effectively combating bacteria, viruses, and odors. Maintenance suggestion: clean the ion tube every 12 months.


Model PS-505T
Air Volume 7500CFM/12750m³/h
Net Weight 8.30KG
Shell Material Metal
Voltage AC110/220V
Power Supply 34W
Coverage Area 500㎡
Dimension 545*280*220mm
Ion Tube Size 350mm (14 inch)
Ion Tube Quantity 5
Estimated Tube Life 17000 hours


Edda Air provides comprehensive indoor air quality solutions for all types of commercial, institutional, residential and industrial building projects.



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