Air Ionizers vs. Air Purifiers

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Air purifiers purify the air around us because they eliminate the suspended particles from the surroundings that can cause breathing problems. Other than air purifiers, there are air ionizers like plasma air purifiers that clean the air around you but in a different way. They both play the same role but in different ways, and the outcome would be different as well.


Air ionizers vs. air purifiers: which one is a better option?

Doubtlessly, air ionizers and air purifiers clean the air around you from airborne particles that will surely cause damage to your breathing. Well, you might get a little confused about whether you need to go for a plasma air purifier, that is, an air ionizer or an air purifier. So let’s compare the facts about both options so you can choose the best option:


Air purifiers remove airborne particles

An air purifier will get rid of the harmful particles from the environment, and they won’t get back into the air. On the contrary, when it comes to an air ionizer like, it will only ionize the air molecules. Yes, a plasma air purifier will ionize the air particles that will break and fall to the ground. There is no guarantee that the air is clean and that those broken air molecules will not become a part of the atmosphere again.  


Air ionizers are a cheaper option

You would certainly want to go for a cheaper option that will help in getting rid of airborne elements that can cause serious health problems. Well, in this case, air ionizers are a cheaper option as compared to an air purifier. You won’t have to install filters from an air ionizer; therefore, it is a cheaper option in the long run.


Ozone gets released with air ionizers

You are getting an air purifier to get rid of harmful air molecules, but if you get an air ionizer, then you must know that it will release ozone in the air. You must know that ozone is not a friendly gas to inhale because it will further cause many health problems. This won’t be the case with an air purifier because it won’t be releasing any harmful gas into the environment.

You might not feel its presence in the surroundings, but it will be there; therefore, air purifier is a safer option in this case.


Air purifiers are an expensive option

Having an air purifier will surely help you to breathe clean air, but you must know the amount of money you will have to spend. If you are getting the latest air purifier technology and you will be using HEPA filters, then surely it is an expensive option. Nothing is more important than your health, but an air purifier would be an expensive investment as compared to an air ionizer.


Both plasma air purifier that uses air ionizing technique and air purifier eliminate the suspended particles from the air that can cause serious problems to your health. Therefore, you can use air ionizers or air purifiers, but if you want to get rid of poor air quality problems, then air purifiers are definitely a better option.  You can contact us at EDDA Air to order plasma air purifier for your home or office.


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