Is Plasma Safe in an Air Purifier?

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A plasma air purifier uses bipolar ionization technology that ionizes the airborne molecules so they will fall to the ground, and you won’t be inhaling them. You know the purpose of using an air purifier, but is a plasma air purifier a safer option or not? It will ionize the harmful air molecules to the ground, but what would be the outcome of this? You must know that plasma in air purifiers is totally safe for you, your loved ones and your pets.


Reasons How Plasma Safe in Air Purifiers

There is a slight chance that you might not find a plasma air purifier as a safer option to ionize the airborne particles in your surroundings. Here are a a few reasons that would justify the state that plasma in an air purifier is a totally a worth it option for you to consider:

Breakdowns dangerous contaminants

There are harmful airborne particles that you cannot see with the naked eye; therefore, when you breathe them, you get sick. A plasma air purifier will break down those dangerous contaminants that make it difficult for you to breathe cleaner air. So, the main purpose of plasma in an air purifier is to cleanse the air around you so you don’t get affected by poor air quality anymore. It is a totally safer option to improve the air quality of your surroundings.

Get rid of VOCs

VOC stands for volatile organic compound that, again, you cannot see or sense yourself, but it is there in the atmosphere, and you are breathing it. There is only one way to get rid of them if you don’t want to fall sick, just by breathing. With the help of a plasma air purifier, you get rid of VOCs from the air.

Removes 99.97% of harmful air particles

There are dust and dirt particles in the air, but there is much more to them that you might not notice with your eyes. There are viruses and bacteria in the air that are the main reason you fall sick just by breathing in a polluted environment. With the help of plasma in an air purifier, you get rid of 99-.97% of harmful air particles, and it is a proven fact.

Get rid of airborne particles

Last but not least, plasma in air purifiers helps in getting rid of airborne particles that can even cause deathly diseases like lung cancer. Plasma in an air purifier ensures that you don’t breathe those life-threatening airborne elements that are suspended in the air and keeps it clean.

There is no other way to have pure air to breathe other than having an air purifier working all the time. Plasma is another technology that has been introduced so far that will also cleanse the air around you so you don’t breathe pollutants and allergens whenever you inhale and exhale.


Contact EDDA AIR to order plasma air purifier

If you think that the presence of plasma in an air purifier is harmful in any way, then you can invest in buying a plasma air purifier, and it will be totally worth it. Surely, it will help in purifying the air around you, and it will eliminate the chances of getting affected by any airborne disease. The latest plasma air purifier tech ensures that you are breathing clean air.  You can contact us on our website and order plasma air purifier for your needs.




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